Using data to create smarter processes

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Pharox enables more accurate estimates of when the cargo will arrive at at your activated points of interest. Has your cargo missed a connection or will the condition of products be critical. If so, then Pharox will inform you of the state of play indoor or outdoor, allowing you to take any necessary action straight away. The lines of communication are always open, ensuring no man-hours are unnecessarily wasted due to delays. Delays can also affect next links in the logistics chain. In the past, news of delays often came too late to allow timely action to be taken. With Pharox, you can take immediate and targeted action and accurately assess the impact of delays.

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Quicker processed supply chains

Pharox allows you to send all relevant information to the destination before the cargo it's on his way. It also makes all relevant data immediately accessible during the journey. With Pharox you activate precise GPS and alarms remote. You can also immediately pass on this information to any other parties involved having the same picture of state. The sensors and the app allow you to make smart use of data and optimize process speed throughout the entire chain.

24/7 insight with Pharox.

Pharox provides a wealth of data for you to analyse. As a result, you can identify flaws in your logistics process and make increasingly accurate predictions based on previous data. Your specific situation is constantly optimized via smart algorithms and machine learning. As well as giving you a wealth of relevant data, Pharox also helps optimize your customer service!


Supply chain data

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Pharox gives you direct insight into your cargo or assets and creates digital IDs in the total supply chain. It also provides an instant and easy-to-use overview of all the different stages and modes of transport or warehousing. It gives you both historic data and up-to-date information, enables you to provide reliable and relevant data to partners like terminals and authorities.



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Analyse, analyse and validate. The temperature, stability and many other attributes of your cargo or assets can all be checked via the app at a single glance. Pharox data analytics technology can provide smart insight in correlations, cause and impact in the supply chains. For you to use in optimising processes and provide an even better service to your customer. 




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In the event of delays or damage, everyone has access to the same information, allowing all parties involved to take action straight away. Careless use of or excessive wear and tear on wagons, trailers or containers can be identified much quicker, enabling predictive maintenance and better utilisation of assets. Avoid idle situations and create seamless production and supply chains with the Pharox platform.

Pharox is brand and industry independent.

With Pharox, you are no longer wedded to any single supplier or mode of transport. It's a solution that you can use anywhere and everywhere.

Pharox gives you the data you need for every single link in the chain. This ensures you know the exact state of play and can check that everything is going to plan.