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U-POD is our all-in-one mobile app solution for effective and efficient real-time digitization of your value chain.
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SMART MOVE provides you next level visibility and integrity of your shipments and/or assets.
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BRITE sites talk. With this unique PHAROX IoT solution you smarten your site.

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Pharox Diamond Lady

Pharox IoT Sensors

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Pharox 's Diamond Lady

Distinguished by its superior capabilities: Bluetooth beaconing, WiFi and satellite tracking it also uses flash memory to ensure your event trail even when signals or coverage are down. Its prolonged battery life (5 years+)  eliminates unnecessary costs or replacement. The Diamond Lady provides configurable sensor settings and thresholds to your specific needs whether on site or on the move: road, rail, and air!

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The name "Diamond Lady" pays tribute to North Carolina's lighthouse as it a beacon to guide and navigate vessels, just as Pharox. Our lady lets you configure your own global visibility. Stay in control real-time, 360° view on conditions with one-touch you eliminate waste.