The confidence and certainty of accurate and reliable information.

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Insight and control 

Get insight and control from start to finish with Pharox. Our sensors and intelligence get Pharox smart contracts in blockchains.

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Design your own processes

Be ensured of the exact state of play and check if everything is going according to plan. Pharox provides you the data for every single link and every single partner in your supply chain. 


Validated information

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With Pharox, validated insight is at hand at all hours and in any location. Any deviations are recorded and enable you further optimization of process and contracts. Ensure the most optimally efficient processes, also with stakeholders such as customs and insurances.


Facilitating parties

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Take all the measurements you wish and decide which parties to share the data with. Sent important data in advance and gain much greater control over the process. See things coming from a greater distance and act more quickly and cost-efficiently to next stages like warehouses and minimize future risks.



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Get notified if your cargo doesn’t board on your scheduled vessel or train, identify the cause and assess the impact on the rest of the chain. 

Pharox's measurements mean all relevant data is always at hand, ensuring optimally efficient processes with institutions such as customs or regulatory bodies. 


Something's wrong?

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It happens. Cargo can be damaged, rejected or stolen. Or the safety of your field engineers or drivers is at stake. Whether there’s a delay or damage, you are able to deal with the problem, get the wheel turning again and save costs with the right data from Pharox. 

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