Imagine your cargo could talk

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Imagine an intelligent system that gives real-time information available on all your devices.
Well, you need imagine no longer: Pharox is an IoT ecosystem developed especially for supply chains. 

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Predictable and fit for purpose

Pharox gives you visibility and predictability of your total supply chains, indoor and outdoor. It puts you in charge, gives you immediate insight and allows you to optimize your different business processes.

Pharox is a sensor-based IoT system offering a single connected platform for the digitization of global trade. Trade and logistics are becoming increasingly fragmented and demanding. Limited SKU's and large volumes for single markets, turn into increased number of smaller packages in hybrid distribution channels to different markets. Where you once had a couple of service provider, you now have to deal with an entire chain to cover the fast changing markets. What was once a single process has become a multitude of different processes. How do you monitor your cargo, container or wagon within this labyrinth of logistical processes and layers?

With our apps and sensors that combine the best of IoT+GPS in one device you can immediately check whether your cargo is being processed according to plan. You can check whether a specific container on a specific trip has been opened at the right time and in the right place. You can also see whether your cargo has been loaded and transported according to the right settings, monitor positioning and check if all processes are compliant. Different type of sensors with Pharox gives you industry independent the best fit for purpose.

Smart, optimal logistics processes

things once thought unimaginable are now a reality!

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The logistics market is changing fast. Supply chains have become more flexible and in-house transport is being outsourced to subcontractors. Fixed routes are a thing of the past and complexity is going through the roof. Having access to the right data for inspections means you get the green light quicker and makes the logistics process leaner and faster. Better service to your clients at with less hidden costs. 

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Traceability, shipping status, security and compliance have become essential conditions for the customers of today.  Pharox tells you exactly where your cargo is monitors the actual time of departure (ATD) and estimated time of arrival (ETA), regardless of whether it is at sea or in the clouds!

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Other solutions simply don't have the intelligence needed to satisfy your needs. They are often stand-alone solutions that can't be remotely controlled or use sensors that need a constant supply of energy. Individual cargoes, modes of transport and customer requirements can differ greatly. As a result, you may need greater sensor functionality for some logistics processes and less for others.

Customers using Pharox

CTV - Multimodal Container Transport
Trimodal Europe B.V.
Seacon Logistics
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