Pharox launches new sensor with WiFi-triangulation

Today expands its Internet of Things (IoT) platform for supply chains with a new developed sensor. After successfully implementing LoRa based technology for several national and international clients, Pharox today proudly launches its new sensor with Wi-Fi-triangulation. This new sensor will be implemented for first customers in Switzerland, Benelux and France.

The energy-efficient sensors of Pharox are standard equipped with monitoring of light, acceleration, shocks and temperature. Furthermore, an alarm button is installed for an exact GPS-position notification. As a result, smart and distance monitoring of improper opening of boxes and containers, tracking of (precious or short-preservable) cargo in time, location and condition, and event management of cargo or employees in emergency is already possible. Furthermore, production-, throughput- and waiting time and proof of compliance are currently traceable. By expanding with Wi-Fi-triangulation technology Pharox now can enable shippers, transporters and webshops to further digitalize and optimize their logistic processes even for indoor and last-mile distribution.

The continuous development of new technologies is part of Pharox’ strategy to enrich the smartness of the logistic sector. Therefore, even more technological developments such as LTE-M and NB-IoT and product decay and contamination, with which Pharox has tested successfully, can be expected in the upcoming months.